Top Places to Eat Out In Vadodara!

Top Places to Eat Out In Vadodara!

Vadodara, or Baroda, is one of the most affluent cities in the state of Gujarat. While there are a lot of places to eat out in Vadodara we have picked the top spots to eat in this alluring city!!! Have a look at these!

The Barbeque Grill

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This place was opened in 2012 and is a well-known name in Baroda when it comes to good food. It has an impressive reputation and the restaurant is pleasing to look at. North Indian and Mughlai cuisines are served here; the decor and interiors intend to create a countryside open dining experience. The Barbeque Grill gives you a rustic feel of the brick and mud walls and its use of wood in most things.

Location: Central Square Mall, Sarabhai Rd, Near Genda Circle, Alkapuri Vadodara

Sasumaa Gujarati Thali

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Gujarat is incomplete without Gujarat food. The people of Gujarat love their food, especially thalis. Sasumaa which in Hindi means ‘mother-in-law’ is a very famous place in Gujarat to have a thali for lunch or dinner. This restaurant serves only Gujarati cuisine and keeps quite crowded. If you do order a thali, expect unlimited servings of Chapatti (bread), curry, dry or gravy vegetables along with rice. This is a brilliant place to taste bona fide Gujarati food.

Location: Ground Floor, Gokulesh Complex, Near Ivory Terrace, Alkapuri Vadodara,

Salsa Habanero

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Salsa Habanero is Vadodara’s first authentic Mexican restaurant. There is a deep rooted story behind this Mexican restaurant. The owner of Salsa Habanero, Chef Prakash, fell in love with Mexican cuisine while he grew up in California. He decided to open an eatery dedicated to his love for Mexican food resulting in Salsa Habanero. There are no tables except for a small bench, this is to encourage interaction and between people so that they share their experience.  This place has a strong love and passion for food, which is clearly reflected in the dishes they serve.

Location: Villa D’Este, Next to Madhav Tower, Hari Nagar Vadodara


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Azure is named as the ‘International Food Theatre’ with respect to its multi-cuisine servings. Azure is one of Vadodara’s best fine-dining restaurants. The restaurant has a warm ambiance and the food is delectable, from their North Indian fare to the Continental dishes – all cooked to perfection.

Location: Sayajigunj, Opposite Parsi Agiary, Vadodara


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Located in the Welcome Hotel, Peshwari is a famous restaurant which serves the food evocative of royalty and of the North-West Frontier. Cooked in the tandoor, the restaurant’s Mughlai and North Indian food is loved by everyone. You can expect excellent service at Peshwari, the ambiance is superb and one can expect mouth watering kebabs, varieties of bread and some appetizing and well-spiced curries.

Location: Welcome Hotel, RC Dutt Road, Vadiwad, Vadodara


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Mandap is legendary in Vadodara. It opened its doors in 1974 and is going strong. The restaurant serves Gujarati thalis only. The ambiance is warm and the room is superbly decorated with a desert tent interior. Food is served on bronze thalis consisting of three vegetables, lentil soup, bread, and sweet gravy in yogurt base and more.

Location:  Dutt Road, Alkapuri, Hotel Express Towers, Vadodara

La Quello

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La Quello was opened in Vadodara to serve the best and most reliable Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. The restaurant serves vegetarian food only, in an idyllic ambiance with lots of greenery. There are 480 money plants dotted around the restaurant kept in water-filled wine bottles, which lends a Mediterranean twist.

Location: Trivia, Natubhai Circle, Race Course, Vadodara

Kai Asia

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Kai Asia is a famous fine dining restaurant in Vadodara; it serves Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisines. Located inside The Gateway Hotel, this restaurant has been a favorite for ages. From its stylish and chic interiors to its emphasis on fresh produce, Kai Asia is a brilliant place for you to enjoy your sushi.

Location: The Gateway Hotel, Akota Rd, Vadodara

San Sizzler’s

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Want to try sizzlers? San Sizzler’s is the best place for that. A great place with a great ambiance, this restaurant has collected a fan following in a short period of time. The menu has some great dishes, including excellent nachos and garlic bread. They also customize your sizzlers as per your requirements.

Location: Mangal Dhar Complex 83, Productivity Road, Sampat Rav Colony, Alkapuri Vadodara

22nd Parallel

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The best place to experience South Indian food in Vadodara is 22nd Parallel. The menu features lip-smacking foods from all the four states of South India: Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. It gets a bit congested, but that hasn’t discouraged people from visiting. There is often a line outside and if you want to get a seat, you will need to have a lot of patience.

Location:  Tapan Complex, Next to MCube Mall, Vadodara,


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