Beaches of Surat City

Beaches of Surat City

Surat is a port city of Gujarat and a hub for trade. It has a history of being the trade center of Gujarat State since early ages and till now maintains the fact. There are three prominent beaches of Surat City, and these are as follows:

  • Dumas BeachBeaches of surat

In the list of the top 35 haunted spots in India, Dumas Beach is an urban beach along the Arabian Sea located 21 kilometers of the Surat City. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of south Gujarat. Apart from the beach, a temple known as the Dariya Ganesh Temple is located nearby which also stands a tourist spot.

The boulevard has several shops selling snacks for the people coming on the beach. There are several restaurants serving Indian and Chinese food.

This beach is known to have black sand.


  • Hazira Beach

    Beaches of Surat

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In the list of the most important Beaches in Gujarat, Hazira Beach is known for a class of its own. Located at a distance of 28 km from the Surat city, the Beach is a wonderful place for spending a good evening. The beach in Gujarat is a major tourist attraction among the locals as well as the outsiders and a lot of tourists flock to the beach every year. As a result, this place remains abuzz round the year with travelers from across the globe and is one of the important beaches of Surat City.


  • Suvali Beach

    beaches of Surat

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Suvali Beach was the gateway from where the East India Company made entrances in India. In 1612, Captain Thomas Best encountered and defeated the Portuguese at the Battle of Swally. Hence Suvali Beach was previously known as Swally Beach.

It is an urban beach along the Arabian Sea situated near the village of Suvali in the Hazira suburb of Surat in Gujarat State. The beach lies 25 kilometers from the center of the city of Surat and is the cleanest beach in India.

Suvali Beach is also known as the birthplace of the modern Indian Navy.

Suvali beach is a black sand beach. The sand is slippery and slips fast beneath your feet.  Tourists from around the world come here witness a blissful sunrise and sunset.

Summing up:

These were the three most significant beaches of Surat City. These ports have known to be very important for the city as they were used by the British in the colonial times to trade and to render services to the navy as well. Today these beaches are taken as tourists spots which are used for several recreational activities. Youth, as well as older generations, come here to spend a good and a peaceful time.

Surat is encompassed by beaches as it lies in the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea. It has some of the best trade possibilities and tourists too can come by using the waterways. The ports serve as business centers while the beaches serve as a good spot for the locals and tourists to have a good time.




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